Transport & Friends for Life Association was founded in April 2012 to provide social events and fundraising opportunities for Transport For London employees, their family and friends. We thought that as a company TFL needed an organisation that would provide an outlet for staff to unite; whilst building moral. The TFFLA aims to provide unification of all staff at all grades across the network, throughout the company. The demands of providing London with a transport service are felt mostly on the customer facing side of the business and this is all too easily forgotten. By hosting events, fundraising & supporting staff from across the business in a variety of ways, we hope to promote the staff’s personal efforts and achievements. As transport staff We LOVE London, care about transport in London and understand the business need of providing a world class city with a world class public transport service.

One of our aims is to create a portal; a social club  for transport staff to reconnect and network with others who have similar working experiences. Shift work is hard and maintaining relationships, a social life and work can be a difficult balancing act and we hope as an association we can help.

The TFFLA is a self funded organisation hosting over 5 events a year. We deliver high quality, sophisticated events and connect past and present transport staff together in social settings.


We are proud supporters of various charities and fundraise for: 



BOOK NOW!! 21/6/2018 Royal Ascot trip

Sat 2/12 Xmas dinner & Masquerade party presentation