We provide inclusive events for Transport staff, their families and friends giving our colleagues an opportunity to network and fundraise for various charities. 
Employees who socialise together have greater respect for each other, communicate better and have a deeper understanding of each. These activities foster a more collaborative working environment for ALL. 
Young, old, whatever is your race, gender, sexuality, religion or disability we wanted to include everyone in this association. London is one of the most diverse cities in the world and we are proud to work for a company like Transport For London; one of the most diverse companies in London. That is why our six annual events are varied. 
    • TFFLA Charity Art auction
    • TFFLA Xmas Dinner and Masquerade party

BOOK NOW!! 21/6/2018 Royal Ascot trip

Sat 2/12 Xmas dinner & Masquerade party presentation