The TFFLA and the Hospital for sick children

The Transport & Friends For Life Association has been fundraising for Great Ormond Street Hospital charity for 4 years. Every year at our annual Xmas party for Transport staff “Merry Mask”, we ask our colleagues to donate gifts and host a grand raffle with all funds raised going to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

TFFLA Merry Mask charity Xmas part

Recently our founder was invited to visit the hospital to tour the facilities and view how money raised by the TFFLA helps patients and their families.

The association has always made a commitment to support and raise awareness of charities. This is at the core of all of our events whether it is our fundraising or championing our own cause; the retiree luncheon which is free for all who attend.

We recognise that many of our Transport for London colleagues are in a privileged position and work for a good company so it is important to us to give, support and raise awareness for causes that affect the wider community. Hosting events that bring staff together from across the network whilst helping others is a main aim for the TFFLA. So when Elizabeth ~ Senior fundraising executive invited our founder to visit the hospital Sherelle jumped at the chance.

“I arrived at the most well known children’s hospital in the world; Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital not knowing what to expect. Seeing families with patients go in and out of reception I was already starting to feel teary. As a mother of two, fortunately I have never had to make many hospital visits apart from the odd visit to A&E with my eldest and his football escapades. I became emotional as I begun to imagine what these parents are going through, to have a sick child the pain must be unbearable.

Elizabeth greets me with a smile that immediately puts me at ease and explains how grateful GOSH are for organisations like the TFFLA. If I am honest I almost felt as if she must have made a mistake, I replied ” Oh no worries, we are only a small association…….we’ve only raised just under £4k for you.” Don’t get me wrong I am so proud of what we have achieved but to stand in one of the greatest known hospitals in the world it’s hard to comprehend how our contribution has really made a difference. Elizabeth assured me that this is exactly why she had invited me. You see 600 children pass through the hospital daily not just from the UK but from all over the world and although they are part funded by the NHS, GOSH still has to find millions of pounds every year……and that’s why organisations like the TFFLA are so important to them. Every donation counts, every donation is put towards families that are the most in need from all over the UK and worldwide.

Elizabeth proceeded to take me around, I saw the new accommodation provided for families, the ofsted registered learning and after school centre. They have the most beautiful internal gardens and a new Disney inspired play area. All of these facilities bring a little normality to children’s lives and our donations assist in all of these areas.

It was also great to see the state of the art research department that is world renown and hearing about all the medical breakthroughs made in paediatric medicine.

Finally I got to sit and reflect in the listed building of the Chapel, one of the remaining areas of the old building that had been moved and rebuilt brick by brick. It’s a spectacularly beautiful chapel, very ornate providing a sanctuary for all Faith’s………a calmness and peace inside the hospital.

TFFLA visit to Great Ormond Street Hospital

I left extremely humbled and thankful for the generosity of the TFFLA members as well as proud of all the hard work my team does throughout the year. Saying our goodbyes I assured Elizabeth that I would do all I could to support the GOSH charity even more and keep her updated on Merry Mask 2020! ” Report by TFFLA Founder Sherelle.

This experience has left us with such an accomplished feeling, knowing how our first cheque of just over £200 has grown to make such an impact. Every little helps and we will continue to do our very best for this fantastic charity.

Thank you to ALL who have attended, donated gifts and bought raffle tickets over the years. Thank you also to all businesses who have sponsored or donated to our Xmas raffle.

With your continued support we look forward to a bigger and better Merry Mask fundraising party on Sat 5th December 2020.

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